15 Winter Date Outfit Ideas You Should Consider

Dressing fashionably can be a bit of a hassle in winter. But dressing fashionably for a date during winter is a whole new level of hard. Trying to find winter date outfit ideas that both look cute and won’t make you freeze to death seems almost impossible. Plus, when the weather is so cold and dreadful, it’s hard to find the motivation to wear anything other than sweats or hoodies.

But your dating life shouldn’t be put on hold just because it’s cold outside. If you’re going on a date, no matter if it’s a first date or not, it’s still important to dress nicely. We’ve compiled a list of winter date outfit ideas for him and for her, so you can dress to impress no matter the season.

The Best Winter Date Outfit Ideas For Her

1. Oversized Jumper

If you want to look cute on your date but still stay warm, this combination is the one for you. You can never go wrong with oversized jumpers in any color as they are snug and they look good. Complete the look with some jeans and knee-high boots, and you won’t have to worry about being cold while you enjoy your night.

2. Dress and Boots

Nothing is better for a winter date night than a flowy corduroy dress. Corduroy is both elegant and comfy, and if you pair it up with knee or even thigh-high boots, you’ll look fabulous without worrying about the cold. For extra warmth, you can put on skin-toned pantyhose underneath, and you’ll be ready to go.

3. Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Turtleneck dresses have become extremely popular in the last few years, and it is easy to see why. They are a perfect combination of chic and stylish on one hand and comfortable on the other. This simple but elegant garment will make you stand out easily, and with the addition of pantyhose and some ankle boots, you will be unstoppable.

4. Overalls All the Way

Overalls never go out of style, and this winter season they are everyone’s favorite choice. Our favorites are corduroy overalls in burgundy and a simple black long-sleeve underneath. To complete this trendy but subtle look, you can put on a pair of snake-skin printed high-heeled boots.

5. Long Dress

What’s great about long dresses is that you can wear them all year round, not just in summer. If you want to breathe some fresh summery air into your winter date outfit, wearing a long floral dress and Chelsea boots will do the trick. Wear a black coat over it, and you’ll be both stylish and cozy.

6. Cardigan Time

Though you may think cardigans aren’t elegant enough for dates, this winter you will learn that they very much can be. A cropped V-neck cardigan tucked into high-waisted dark jeans will make you look chic and subtly sexy. Add some hoop earrings, and your casual look will be done!

7.  Jumpsuit

Nothing will keep you warm as a velvet jumpsuit. This one is in powder pink, and the puff sleeves add a playful touch to an overall sophisticated look. If you combine the jumpsuit with silver kitten-heel boots, you will be unstoppable, and your date won’t be able to take their eyes off you the entire night.

8. Peacoats Are In Again

When it’s freezing outside but you still want to look cute, wearing a peacoat is a great option. Choose a soft and creamy color, like lavender, and wear it with white jeans and a soft gray jumper. That way, the peacoat will stand out the most, and so will you. Finally, put on a pair of white sneakers and some socks, and your look will be complete.

9.  Little Black Dress

Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that this classic date outfit isn’t an option. If you are going on a night out to dance your heart away, a sparkly one-shoulder little black dress is a perfect choice. Put on some pantyhose or tights and complete the look with ankle-strap high heels.

Winter Date Outfit Ideas For Him

10. Grey Cardigan

If you’re looking for a casual outfit that will make you feel confident, pairing up navy jeans with a white shirt and a grey cardigan is the way to go. You can add a touch of elegance to the look with cognac shoes, a grey coat, and some gloves.

11. Stylish and Rugged

Ripped jeans are always a great choice if you’re looking to impress someone on a first date. If you combine them with a shirt and a waistcoat, you’ll add a tad of sophistication that will make you unforgettable. Brown boots, a short coat, and a plaid scarf will make this look even more relaxed and snug.

12. Black and Cozy

A combination of black jeans and a soft black turtleneck makes for a casual and snug look. To make sure everything matches, put on a pair of black boots and a puffer coat with fur. This outfit is perfect for walking around the city or taking a stroll through the park.

13. Camel and Black

This look is the best choice for a dinner and drinks kind of date. It combines black jeans and a camel turtleneck. If you add camel boots and a black leather jacket to the mix, you’ll get a perfect evening outfit that will make you feel like a rockstar.

14. White Is Always In

White sneakers and a white shirt are always a good choice for a date. Pair them up with some jeans, a black cardigan, and a puffer jacket with a fur hood, and you’ll get the perfect outfit your date won’t be likely to forget anytime soon.

15. Dashing In Brown

Combining black skinnies with a brown sweater and a white shirt underneath will make you look relaxed but stylish. A grey coat and beige boots will make everything come together perfectly, and you’ll have the time of your life on your winter date while looking great.


T-Shirt Size Chart: A Complete Guide

Trying to figure out where you fit on a T-shirt size chart can make online shopping a real nightmare. All the numbers might seem confusing, and the entire table quite overwhelming at first. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the sections that follow, you will find a complete guide to the basic T-shirt size chart you can find on most websites while online shopping. Read on, and take notes!

Reading a T-Shirt Size Chart

You can find all the parts of a T-Shirt size chart below, along with how to find out what your measurements for a particular part are. Get a measuring tape, and follow the instructions carefully.

1.   The Chest

Most size charts start with the chest area. To measure it, you need to wrap your measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. Make sure it goes under your arms and that it is neither too loose around you nor too tight. That way, you’ll get that perfect fit you need.

Though the numbers might vary slightly between brands, these are the chest measurements most of them use:

  • An S T-shirt: 34-36 inches
  • An M T-shirt: 38-40 inches
  • An L T-shirt: 42-44 inches
  • An XL T-shirt: 46-48 inches
  • A 2XL T-shirt: 50-52 inches
  • A 3XL T-shirt: 54-56 inches

As you can see, the sizes differ by about two inches. So, just add or subtract that number from the ones here to figure out any larger or smaller measurements that might be offered on a website but aren’t included here.

2.   The Length

To measure what the length of your T-shirt should be, take your measuring tape and place it at the highest point of your shoulder. Then, roll it all the way down to where you want the T-shirt hemline to end. Here are the usual measurements and sizes:

  • An S T-shirt: 25 inches
  • An M T-shirt: 26 inches
  • An L T-shirt: 27 inches
  • An XL T-shirt: 28 inches
  • A 2XL T-shirt: 29 inches
  • A 3XL T-shirt: 30 inches

If the store offers larger or smaller T-shirts, just add or subtract an inch from the size that comes after or before the one you need (24 inches for XS or 31 for 4XL, etc.)

3.   The Neck

The next step to finding the perfect T-shirt fit is measuring your neck. Take your tape measure and wrap it around the very bottom of your neck, where the collar of the T-shirt would go. As with the chest measurements, make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose but something that would feel comfortable. Here are the sizes:

  • An S T-shirt: 14-14 ½ inches
  • An M T-shirt: 15-15 ½ inches
  • An L T-shirt: 16-16 ½ inches
  • An XL T-shirt: 17-17 ½ inches
  • A 2XL T-shirt: 18-18 ½ inches
  • A 3XL T-shirt: 19-19 ½ inches

4.   The Sleeves

Though measuring the sleeves is much more important for long-sleeve shirts and hoodies, you should still do it for regular T-shirts as well. To figure out what sleeve length you need, place the measuring tape at the very top of your shoulder and stop where you want the sleeve to end. Here are the usual sizes:

  • An S T-shirt: 7-7 ½ inches
  • An M T-shirt: 8-8 ½ inches
  • An L T-shirt: 9-9 ½ inches
  • An XL T-shirt: 10-10 ½ inches
  • A 2XL T-shirt: 11-11 ½ inches
  • A 3XL T-shirt: 12-12 ½ inches

To make things easy on yourself, you can take a T-shirt you already own and measure that one instead of following the steps above. That T-shirt probably fits you perfectly, so it is a good model for all measurements.

5.   The Waist

To get your exact measurements, you should wrap the measuring tape around the most narrow part of your waist. If you can’t tell exactly where it is, try going about two inches above your belly button. That is approximately where your waist should be the most narrow.

Depending on what your T-shirt preferences are, you can either go for a tighter fit or a looser one. Here are the usual measurements:

  • An S T-shirt: 28-30 inches
  • An M T-shirt: 32-34 inches
  • An L T-shirt: 36-38 inches
  • An XL T-shirt: 40-42 inches
  • A 2XL T-shirt: 44-46 inches
  • A 3XL T-shirt: 48-50 inches

6.   The Bottom Width

To measure the bottom width you need, you should wrap your tape measure around your hips. Go a bit higher than that if the tee isn’t as long. Check out the usual sizes:

  • An S T-shirt: 34-36 inches
  • An M T-shirt: 38-40 inches
  • An L T-shirt: 42-44 inches
  • An XL T-shirt: 46-48 inches
  • A 2XL T-shirt: 50-52 inches
  • A 3XL T-shirt: 54-56 inches

More T-Shirt Size Chart Tips

As we have mentioned, it might be best to take a T-shirt you already have that fits you perfectly and measure it for reference. Doing so will make things easier for you. Once you get the measurements, you can simply keep using those unless something changes.

Another thing you should note is that certain brands sell clothes that are true to size while others don’t. That means a T-shirt labeled as XL might have the measurements stated above, but it might also run bigger or smaller, depending on the brand you choose.

Thus, never order a T-shirt based on sizes (L, Xl, etc.) alone. Instead, always check the exact measurements they correspond to. That way, you will be sure you will get a T-shirt that truly fits you in every way, and you will never have a problem navigating your way through a size chart again.

Another useful tip is to always get a bigger tee if you fall somewhere in between two sizes. That will ensure the T-shirt you buy isn’t too small and that you can wear it comfortably.

Finally, certain brands might not label their T-shirts with the labels this article used. However, if you see unfamiliar numbers or letters, don’t fret. The size chart on that brand’s website will always have a section with measurements that will be the same as the one we provided, no matter what label it has. Just look at those, and you should be fine.

A Few Parting Words

Shopping for T-shirts online can be a bit of a hassle if you aren’t familiar with the way sizes and measurements work for a certain brand. Luckily, you can make your job easier by checking out the T-shirt size chart each reputable brand provides along with its products. Simply compare your measurements to those on the chart, and you’ll be able to find a shirt that will fit you perfectly. Good luck!


Semi-Formal Attire For Women — Styling Tips And Tricks

Dress codes are often confusing even for the most experienced of party-goers. The differences between them are so small that people tend to mix them up. For instance, many can’t tell semi-formal from formal and cocktail attire, and they end up wearing something inappropriate to an important event. Well, if you are one of them — that’s all about to change!


But before we get to the styling tips and ideas, let’s talk about semi-formal attire for women and how it compares to other dress codes.


For starters, as its name suggests, semi-formal attire is a bit less formal than black-tie attire. So, you might want to avoid gowns and maxi dresses. Instead, consider wearing a shorter dress or a jumpsuit. And compared to cocktail attire, semi-formal is definitely less casual. While you’d wear a short, open dress to a cocktail party, a semi-formal event typically requires a bit more coverage, but that’s up to you.

Semi-Formal Office Look

If you’re going to an office party with a semi-formal dress code, your best option is to pick a sophisticated garment that doesn’t show too much skin. After all, you’re trying to leave a good impression on your bosses and colleagues, so it’s better to go with something safer.


For instance, you might want to wear a three-quarter sleeve, knee-length dress and a light blazer over it, combined with a nice pair of stilettos or kitten heels. As far as handbags are concerned, choose something small and practical.


On the other hand, if you’re not that into dresses, you can wear a pantsuit to an office party. However, make sure it fits you like a glove; otherwise, you might end up looking like you borrowed the suit from your dad. Also, we recommend going with cropped trousers instead of long ones. That way you won’t cover your lovely new pair of heels, and you’ll show some leg, which is always welcome.

Semi-Formal Party Look

When it comes to weddings and other types of parties, the rules are a bit looser than those for office parties. You can have a lot more fun with the outfit and experiment with different silhouettes, as well as neckline and sleeve designs. For instance, you might want to try a dress with an asymmetric neckline and a single sleeve. However, it’s always a good idea to top it off with a nice blazer or jacket, just in case.


Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns. While you shouldn’t mix and match five different patterns, the semi-formal dress code allows for some playfulness. As an example, a short floral dress would be perfect for a wedding party. Of course, you need to pick your accessories accordingly. If your dress has a lot going on, your jewelry should be minimal so they don’t cancel each other out.


Now let’s talk shoes. Ankle boots, sneakers, and sandals are obviously out of the question, as they’re too informal. Besides, they don’t look good paired with a knee-length dress. In fact, they actually make your legs look shorter, which is the opposite of what you want! Stick with a nice pair of stilettos, kittens, or pumps. And if you prefer to be as comfortable as possible, then you might want to consider wearing flats.